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his book provides a fantastic overview of Morse code and comes with a free CD packed full of useful Morse software.


Further info

Radioclubs.net provides amateur radio clubs with a free, easy-to-update website solution. This saves clubs the expense and hassle of organising their own web hosting. The solution is designed so that even the least web-savvy person can update the website. There is no need to know HTML or any other web technology. The site can be updated simply by typing into forms.

See www.radioclubs.net/nicetownars for an example club website created using radioclubs.net.

Please note that this software is currently in beta development. This means that there is a small chance that the software won't work 100 per cent correctly. Don't worry, nothing dangerous will happen to your computer. But if you notice any glitches please e-mail the RSGB's web developer Alex Kearns at alex.kearns@rsgb.org.uk.

Q: Who is eligible for the free website?
A: Any club that is affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain. Non-affiliated clubs can also get a website by joining the RSGB - see www.rsgb.org.uk for information on joining the RSGB.

Q: What expertise do I need to operate a club website at Radioclubs.net
A: You don't need any specialist knowledge to update your Radioclubs.net website. Information is added or removed from the site simply by typing into forms or clicking on links. For further information on how to update a Radioclubs.net website, visit our help centre.

Q: How would people find my Radioclubs.net website?
A: Each club is asked to provide a short version of their name to form the web address of their website. For example, if your club were called Nicetown Amateur Radio Society, you might select the short name nicetownars. In this case, the web address of your site would be www.radioclubs.net/nicetownars.

Q: Why should you use radioclubs.net rather than host your website yourself?
A: There are several reasons why you might want to use Radioclubs.net. Firstly, Radioclubs.net is completely free for RSGB-affiliated clubs. That means there are no hosting fees. Secondly, Radioclubs.net offer clubs a professionally designed template club site that is easy to update through simple forms. There is no need therefore to know anything about web technologies such as HTML and FTP.

Q: Will I be able to change the colours and look of my Radioclubs.net website?
A: At present, there is only one website template available. The colours and layout cannot be changed significantly although you can personalise the site with a header picture of your choice. The RSGB may offer different, more customisable templates in the future.

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