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18 Oct 2015


Earlier in the year, representatives of some radio amateurs in Cornwall approached Ofcom to request temporary use of the Regional Secondary Locator K for Kernow, the Cornish word for Cornwall, following the recognition of the Cornish People under the Framework Convention on National Minorities. Ofcom has agreed to this request and will permit amateurs with a main station address in Cornwall use of the RSL K throughout 2016. In common with comparable past temporary RSLs, it will be available for all classes of licence, including stations participating in contests. Ofcom will authorise the use of K by varying individual licences. Notices of Variation will be available during December via the RSGB website,

And there is more .....
The following is an extract from GB2RS News Bulletin. As the Ofcom Document is a new "Terms and Conditions" it is 22 pages long, so I suggest that you follow the link and save a copy.
Ofcom has published new guidance to help amateur radio licensees understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the UK amateur radio licence. This guidance should, therefore, be read in conjunction with the licence. Following the Guidance should help licensees reduce the risk of breaching the terms and conditions of the Licence. It does not impose additional licence conditions or modify the effect of the existing terms and conditions of the Licence. The RSGB is aware from Member enquires that there are areas of operating practice where further advice may be appreciated, and the RSGB is thus proposing to publish some ‘Best Practice’ notes later in the year. The Ofcom document is at


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