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01 Jan 2011

The JARS club HQ at La Moye can be booked for the operation of contests, RSGB and ARRL contest sites can be found via the following.

RSGB Contest Calendar (TBA)

ARRL Contests (TBA)

Please identify any contest that you may wish to operate from Jersey and contact the club to check availability.

Shack Rental Terms and conditions. - revised November 2011

The shack is available on a first-come first-served basis. Confirmed reservations will be filled first.

Use of the Club Station is ONLY available to club members. Overseas membership is available to non-residents of Jersey Currently 15.00 per year.

A rental charge of 60.00 is payable for each operation by overseas members. Full club members who wish to use the club for contest purposes shall make a donation of not less than 20.00 to the club.

A booked operation may ordinarily consist of up to seven consecutive days.

To persons not known to the club a deposit of 200.00 is required. This will be returned following an inspection to ensure the club is left in a clean and tidy condition and all equipment is connected and operational as it was prior to the operation.

Accommodation in a hotel, guesthouse or campsite MUST be booked for the duration of your stay. The clubhouse is not permitted to provide accommodation for visitors.

Unless an arrangement has been made in advance, priority is to be given to club members who may wish to use the shack on club nights (currently Wednesday and Friday 20:00 22:30)

Any damage must be repaired or paid for.

The GJ2A callsign may only be used by club members and is ONLY available for use during certain specified contests. It may NOT be used before or after the contest.

If any of the club Callsigns are used, GJ3DVC, GJ2A, GJ3IT or GJ8RVT an electronic copy of the log must be emailed to the club.

If Internet connection is required, dial-up access can be provided. The current cost is 3.00 per day if the JARS account is used. If you dial your own ISP (this includes all the UK "lo-call" numbers) the call charges will be presented to you for payment, a copy of the itemised bill can be made available for those who dispute the outrageously high charges that we have to bear!

The management committee of the club may vary these terms and conditions at any time.

An up-to-date version of these terms and conditions will be posted at the club and on the club website at or the new website on

The club has
Yaesu FT1000MP mark V field
Yaesu FT990

3-500Z 80-10m linear amplifier
Force 12 C3S Tribander on Tower 1 (40ft)
Cushcraft A3S Tribander on Tower 2 (40ft) - By special request only
40m dipole
80m dipole
160m dipole
R8000 vertical
6m beam

The club also has 2m and 70cms FM, SSB and CW capabilities.

These may vary, but are indicative of the equipment available.
The DXcluster GB7DXG is in 2m range of the club and is currently on 144.900.
The local repeater is GB3GJ on 145.6375MHz and with 71.9Hz CTCSS tone.

We have a fair area of land that can be used to run out wire aerials, erect temporary masts and also a large flat roof area.

For more details contact either the club secretary or president whose details are here or email the club,

or write to;

The Jersey Amateur Radio Society
The Old German Signal Tower
Le Chemin des Signaux
St. Brelade
Channel Islands
Great Britain


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