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05 May 2016


Will all club members please note the following paragraph received from the rsgb representative Mr Steve Morton regarding the use of the club call sign M0OMC/M0OMC/P

by other club members:-

Reply back from Steve Morton as requested by Ken G7VJA.

3(5) para A
would give permission for the licence holder to delegate it to another club member in their absence, but operation is still supervised by the delegated person.

3(5) Only where this Licence is a Full (Club) Licence issued to the Licensee for use on behalf of a Club, may the Licensee:

(a) authorise any Club member who holds their own separate Full Licence to use and supervise the operation of the Radio Equipment on the Licensee’s behalf under this Licence;

(b) permit a non-licensed person to send a Message using the Radio Equipment provided the Radio Equipment is operated by the Licensee or by a Club member who holds their own separate Full Licence,

provided that, in each case, such persons are made aware of, and of the requirement to comply with, the terms, conditions and limitations of this Licence.

The call sign with the X is a bit of a red herring really.


Any member wishing to use the club call at any event please contact me and if I am not able to attend the event I can designate the appropriate full licence holder to oversee.

I think with the comment on the MX call this would be best not used as we don't consider it a necessity when the issued call can be used.

73 Don G0RQL.


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