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About our club


From our early historical backgroung we have over the years activated many special event stations, some in conjunction with other Amateur Radio Societies.The first being the 50th Anniversary of the end of WWII on the 8th May 1995 with GR50Y & GB50Y.This was located from a cliff top site at Penarth on the outskirts of Cardiff in the Vale of Glamorgan when the Prince of Wales visited the area and all the activities that took place.

A major event took place over a week in May 1998 when GB150PRU celebrated the 150th birthday of the Prudential (1848-1998).The station was run by the Society members from the Prudential Ibis Sports & Social Club situated by the River Thames near Reading for a week.Also a 825 mile UK wide cycle race "PruTour" was sponsored passing through many towns and ending at the Prudential HQ in Holborn London on the 31stMay.

The British Association for Science & Technology in London promoting the
"Advancement of Science Week" supported the call sign GB99SET.This was run jointly by Prudential ARS and Barry ARS being activated from the station at Sully near Barry GW3VKL,GW4BRS,GW6BRC.

In the Millennium year, GB2000SET with GB0NSW followed on the same basis with sponsorship by the British Association, Vale of Glamorgan Council, with the Prudential Plc for the QSL cards.

It was not until March 2003 that the Murch Junior School Dinas Powis was visited for a week with the support of the Head Master Mr C A Davies, Staff, children and Vale of Glamorgan Council that GB2003SET(Science Engineering Technology) with GB4AOS (Advancement Of Science)was put on the air. Many of the children taking part on Red Nose day at the same time. The RSGB arrived with GB4FUN that was fully demonstrated by Carlos Eavis G0AKI with the help of Glyn Jones GW0ANA of Barry ARS.

To follow this we were asked to run a station from the Stanwell Road Penarth
Senior School by on of the Governors & Counsellor A M Ernest GW3LQE over Science Week March 2004.For this we were issued with the call signs GB4SSP (Stanwell School Penarth)with a repeat of GB4AOS.It was co-ordinated with the support of the DTI, Ofcom & the British Association. We were given every facility by the Head Mr Malcolm Parker with Staff and young people and Vale of Glamorgan Council who gave logistic support and promotion of the QSL cards. During the period some science and technical demonstrations, lectures were given with the senior pupils able to take part during the week and get on the air with the assistance of Dennis GW4XKE, Syd GW0PPG & Ken GW7KFY.

From 1999 to 2004 inclusive we entered the RSGB Affiliated Societies (AFS)SSB Contest in January. While our contact score went up each year and never came last we could not compete with all the high power stations with high aerial towers and beams etc.

Meeting times

As can be seen at the Society address notice we can only met from time to time on the amateur bands and perhaps at a special event Station.The Society log books are held by the Call Sign Manager as shown in the Contact Details so please telephone him on 01833 690515 for instructions if members would like to put one of the Society call signs on the air for a month then return the log book to him.As our funds are very limited please help with postage costs

Contact details

Chairman Gerald E Haines G4SXY.
Secretary Dennis K Egan GW4XKE.
Membership Secretary David D Dyer G4DNX.
Call Sign Manager J Mike Butler G0NRK.
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We are a National Society who have our membership located throughout the UK and overseas so is not practical to have a local venue for meetings with
our own equipment or "Shack".The call signs are,therefore activated from time to time from some of the members own stations subject to their own licence conditions.

Latest events