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In an Appendix to his book "The World at Their Fingertips" , John Clarricoats, G6CL says "The following societies and clubs, affiliated at the time to the Wireless Society of London, were signatories to the Petition presented to the Postmaster General on December 29th, 1921." Amongst the 64 signatories is listed The Wireless Society of York.

The earliest written information,
locally, concerning short wave activity in York occurs in the York Gazette on Saturday 28th February, 1925.

In a letter dated 21st January 1975, in reply to an enquiry by G3WVO, Hon Sec York ARS, Mr. O. S. Tomlinson, Assistant County Librarian, York Central Library said the Gazette entry was as follows:
"With the object of helping all classes of wireless enthusiasts in York and district, a society was formed on Tuesday evening. Mr. Hugh MacArdle was elected President and Mr. J. E. Gibbs vice-president, with other officers as follows: Chairman, Mr. F. E. Haigh; Hon Sec Mr. R. S. Canham; hon treasurer Mr. Nutbrown, and a committee of nine members. A discussion took place regarding the holding of a public demonstration in order to stimulate interest in the Society, and it was arranged to take place on Wednesday 11th March, probably at the YMCA Institute, Cliiford Street, York. Twenty members were enroled, the fee being fixed at 5/- with a smaller amount for younger members."

The following extract* from page 128 of the York City Year Book of 1929 will serve to set the scene of the history of York ARS as revealed in the Minute Books.

York District Radio Society.
The membership of this Society is open to all interested in the Science of Wireless in York and district.
The Headquarters are in the YMCA in Clfford Street and the various meetings include Lectures, Demonstrations, helpful talks, etc. Full membership 5/- per annum, Junior membership 2/6 per annum.
Officials: President --
Chairman --
Secretary S.W. Chick
53 Third Ave, Tang Hall.
Treasurer E. Marquis
12, High Ousegate.
*We are indebted to the late Bob Hunter who kindly provided this information

The first entry in Minute Book No 1, which is from March 5th 1947 to 8th November 1952, consists of an undated list of names etc., as follws:

R.W.Binns, 20 Avenue Terrace, Clifton.
BRS 11392
I.Barton 28 Marygate, BRS 14771.
R.S.Brown 6 Shaws Terrace, BRS 15746.
P. Binns 16 Shirley Avenue.
M.Cross 59 Manor Drive.
J.Cairns 54 Jamieson Terrace.
E.Denton 28 Bismark Street.
C.Dodds 20 Williams Street,
The Crescent
J.Dobson 31 Broadway.
W.Eyeington 27 Nicholas Street.
H.Ferguson 29 Victor Street.
R.Flintham 77 Spalding Avenue.
G.R.Foggin 10 Maclagan Road,
A. Horner 54 Plantation Road,
BRS 13887.
?.King Pembroke Lodge,Chapman-
gate, Pocklington.
G.Kelley 123 Kingsway West.
E.A.Leavesley 1 Elmwood Street. BRS
N.Moor 13 Victoria Terrace,
G.Palliser 45 Mayfield Grove.
J.X.Prendergast Fulford House,Fulford.
G.Shepherd 9 Almery Terrace, BRS 14526
W.Smith 69 Carr Lane, G5WZ.
S.Snowden 1 Kirkstone Drive.
A. Steventon 25 Burnholme Drive
T. Taylor Rectory Corner, Brandsby.
T.Walker 16 Melwood Grove.
J.Yarker 14 Bewlay Street.
P.Robson 9 Galtres Grove.
R.Todd 11 Francis Stree, BRS 14922.
S.Baker 17 Garden Street.
G.Nottingham 51 Carr Lane.
R. Wilkinson.

The first General Meeting of York and District Short Wave Club took place on March 5th, 1947. The meeting commenced at 8.00pm, the following members being present:

Messrs W.Smith, G5WZ; T.Walker, G2BLS; G.Kelley,G5KC; A.Horner, BRS 13887; J.O.Yarker, BRS 11543; E.Leavesley, BRS 12841;R.Binns,BRS 11392; D.Steele; M.Cross; S.Snowdon;G.Shepherd; W.Eyeington;L.Barton; H.Fergusson;J.Dobson and Mr.Dodds.

..and so on and so forth ad infinitum ..

Classes for Foundation and Intermediate licencesare under way.

Details from Chris, G4ESU. Tel 01904 636199, Hon Sec York ARS.

Meeting times

Fridays, 8pm

Contact details

Chris Rouse G4ESU,Hon Secretary,86 Melton Avenue,York YO30 5QG, Tel: 01904 636199
E-mail crouse258@gmail.com


Guppys Enterprise Club, 17 Nunnery Lane, York. YO2 1AE.

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